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Welcome to Cardano Kidz

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Series 1 - 8 are sold out, sorry! Why not try

We are working on the following: 

1. Minting our 3D Metaverse pieces. 

2. We have started to reveal Series 9, please check twitter & discord. Remember that any likenesses are pure coincidence, ok. 

3. We are working on making the Lambo, Truck, Rocket & Dog into 3D metaverse ready assets. Claimable by the holders of the 2D NFTs. 

Please note the Kidz discord is community run. 


Thank you for your support! 


Did you know?

Each of our designs is minted on the Cardano Blockchain as a Non Fungible Token (cNFT).


Our designs were some of the very first NFT collectibles on Cardano!

These NFTs celebrate the heroes of Cardano, the diverse community and we will also take out the trash. Ours is a NFT Pop art project which is already over two years old. We like to say we are bear market proof. 

For up to date news please follow us on Twitter @CardanoKidz

or join us in Discord.

Much love, CardanoKidz!


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