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CardanoKidz FAQ

  • What is an NFT?
    An NFT is a Non Fungible Token, which is a collectible item. Originally developed on Ethereum as an erc721 token. One of the best known examples are Crypto Kitties which are still going strong today. As only a limited number of each NFT collectible are minted they can sometimes be quite rare. Our designs were some of the very first minted (born) on the Cardano blockchain and sometimes called cNFTs. You can ONLY secure yours from us during the sales window for each item. When that window closes, there will not be any more of that particular design produced as an NFT. EVER. The question is are you going to collect the whole Cardano Kidz set?
  • How do I secure my Limited Edition NFT?
    We will turn on Smart Wallet purchases when our sales go live. Simply click what you wish to buy and the transaction will be built. Providing you have enough $ADA in your wallet, simply submit the transaction and we will mint the NFT(s) and send back to your wallet. Simples! Always remember o keep your wallet and recovery phrases very safe and NEVER send $ADA from an exchange.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Sadly we cannot offer refunds for the following reasons: 1. These are low value items 2. The sale process is decentralised - we are not asking for customers details 3. To avoid fraud we cannot return funds or send NFT's to alternate addresses 4. Once a payment is made it goes into the NFT queue and cannot be reveresed 5. We will only mint these once so are unable to re-issue any tokens or refunds 6. We have had significant set up, design and tech costs to recoup We welcome general enquiries but to remain decentralised we do not wish to know who owns each customer wallet. That is how crypto should be! By sending us $ADA you are agreeing to the above terms. You also agree that these are Pop art based tokens only and offer no guaranteed returns or other rights. Don't miss the sales window!
  • Can I suggest a future design?
    YES! Please do get in touch if you wish to suggest a future design. Do remember that we have been developing these items for quite some time so your idea may already be on our list! However, if it not we might just send you a free NFT. We are sorry but we may not be able to respond to all messages and requests. From time to time we may even run design competitions so please follow us on social media. Thank you for your support with this fun NFT project!
  • Do you just make NFTs?
    Great question! We will only mint the art-based designs as NFT tokens ONCE. However if the communuty wish we may be able to create some merch based around each design? For your protection our minting policy IDs are updated once wach design is minted. Don't forget if you want to secure your Limited Edition NFT you must order during the sale window. If you miss it we cannot take your order. Sorry. We have decided to make a handful of our special pieces into 3D assets. Our 3D statues will be Metaverse ready but are still intended as fun decorative Pop art items only and not as a speculative investment. We are considering some IRL merch, maybe.
  • What is $KIDZ Coin?
    $KIDZ is a fun crypto 'meme coin' (token) which was been given out for free during / after NFT sales. Mint Date: 05/04/2021 (making it one of the first tokens to be minted and distributed on the Cardano blockchain). The policy is locked. Policy ID: c4c00fbd8fa227442a5e7cdecde33b24588494d05a2c50fda8938c6d Total tokens minted: 1,000,000,000 (1B). Ticker: $KIDZ Tagline: "Meme coins with love from the Cardano Kidz project" Total Transactions to Date: 175,000+ You can trade $KIDZ on some Cardano DEX's such as WingRiders & MinSwap. Almost 10% of tokens were given away and 90% (900M) added to DEX's. There is NO project allocation and no 'roadmap'. Please remember these are FREE meme coins. There was no ICO or Token Sale, ever. As with everything we produce you should only hold these coins as collectibles and for fun, not in the hope of future gains. 100% not financial advice. Cryptoassets remain extremely volatile. To the mooooooon! lol.
  • Wen Roadmap? Wen More?
    We were the first Cardano NFT project to pre-sell our artwork. We Started showcasing our Pop Art in September 2020 and minted our Test Token after Berry's but before SpaceBudz in early 2021. Since launch we've seen many other projects come and go and offer 'utility' which is usually just hype. Due to the noise in the space we stepped away for a few months and refocused. What we have come back with is the following: 1. We are still a collectibles Pop Art collection but we will try and engage you in other fun ways. 2. We are busy creating our Cyber Truck, Lambo, Rocket and Dog as 3D claimable assets for use in the Metaverse. 3. We've produced a 10,000 series of 3D Metaverse deployable statues featuring dozens of different traits and some gold / carbon versions. 4. We are back with Series 9 of our traditional collectors cards. 5. We now have rarity traits on CNFT.Tools for all previous work. 6. We've set up a Kidz discord. Please note this is 100% community run! There are no royalties on our collectible cards. Please remember cryptoassets and NFTs are extremely volatile and you're best-off viewing our work as collectible fun to own football cards instead of 'get rich quick' assets.
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