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We are Back! But what happened?

Just before our S8 sale a poorly drafted, malicious 'DMCA' copyright infringement report was made to our hosting company. Despite us being a UK based company we were taken offline. We promptly filed a counter-DMCA explaining what utter nonsense the report was and that we are out of the jurisdiction of that piece of US (only) law. The reporting party was clearly not the copyright owner or legally trained.


Today we received the below from the hosting company, so we are BACK!

What to do in relation to the malicious individual who filed the report is yet to be seen, not only did they commit perjury, they are also liable for the damage it caused to our brand and the recent sale. If that was you, and you are reading this, perhaps you ought to lawyer up? We are ABSOLUTELY certain there is no copyright or trademark infringement with our artwork, our legal team agree. We can now get back to business!










Each of these unique designs is being minted on the Cardano Blockchain as a Non Fungible Token (NFT).


Our designs were some of the very first NFT collectibles on Cardano!

Think CryptoKitties but way cooler. Meow. 

These NFTs celebrate the heroes of Cardano, the diverse community and we will also take out the trash. Ours is an NFT art project which is here for the long term. ​​

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Much love, Cardano Kidz