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We will announce the sale of Cardano Kidz Series 6 soon. NFTs are:

051 - The Future
052 - Pool.pm
053 - SOON
054 - Hero
055 - Bitcoin Ban (Again)
056 - Singularity 
057 - Alonzo
058 - The Power

059 - Diamond Hands
060 - Pioneer

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Each of these unique Limited Edition designs is being minted on the Cardano Blockchain as a Non Fungible Token (NFT).


These are some of, if not the very first NFT collectibles on Cardano!

Think CryptoKitties but way cooler. Meow. 

These NFTs celebrate the heroes of Cardano, the diverse community and we will also take out the trash ​​

When pre-ordering you must keep the wallet and recovery phrase safe as once we have minted the NFTs we will deliver to the wallet address you have paid from. Then you are free to #HODL, sell or swap your Limited Edition

Cardano collectible with the community. 

Wait! Before you think about selling your item, you may want to read this article in CoinTelegraph: 

Most Expensive NFTs

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