Welcome to Cardano Kidz

Series 1 - 7 are sold out, sorry. Why not try CNFT.IO

We ended the S7 sale early due to unprecedented demand and to retain rarity in the random dropped NFTs (rockets & double Bull v Bear NFT). 

Minting & refunds should all be completed on 5 September 2021. 

We will then update rarities across all previous series combined.

$KIDZ coins were a FREE gift from us to you. They are not an NFT but a fungible token. These have been sent out for fun but we will add liquidity where possible. Feel free to HODL these coins or share them around.


We are very sorry but we are not selling any of of our $KIDZ coins. 


Each of these unique designs is being minted on the Cardano Blockchain as a Non Fungible Token (NFT).


Our designs were some of the very first NFT collectibles on Cardano!

Think CryptoKitties but way cooler. Meow. 

These NFTs celebrate the heroes of Cardano, the diverse community and we will also take out the trash. Ours is an NFT art project which is here for the long term. ​​

For up to date news please follow us on Twitter @CardanoKidz

Much love, Cardano Kidz